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The-Psycho-Ragdoller's News

The Journey Begins!

2017-06-18 11:56:52 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

Hey all, it's me Psycho again!


I just made a new Thread in the Art Section of the BBS. I'll be working on improving my Art and writing down useful Notes!


Feel free to check it out Here to critique me, suggest material, or more to help me improve. Anything is much Appreciated!

We Designed A T-Shirt!

2017-05-25 15:19:08 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

Hey Everyone! I have an exciting announcement!

My best friend, Maxwell Diawuoh asked me to help him out with an idea he had for a T-shirt Design! We're pretty happy with how it came out, but we could always use more-your-help! It'd be appreciated if you could share this news with other people or even just talk about it whenever you can--it could be to your friends, family, someone you're sitting next to on the subway, or yourself even, if you're into that!

And of course, please feel free to check out the links below if you're interested in purchasing a shirt, sticker, mug, or more content with this design, or just to check out my buddy Maxwell's poetry!

Maxwell's Poetry
Link to T-Shirt

Thank you very much for your time, and have a great day!

T-Shirt Design Image

Hey everyone, The-Psycho-Ragdoller here!

One of my Friends from High School just finished making a comic he's been working on for a long time all by himself--Online goes by the name 'Kima & Jeorge'!

The guy's a really talented and dedicated artist, I don't think I've ever seen him not drawing through out the school day! His comic is definitely worth checking out--if you like good action, good art, and good humor please check out his comic! Work like this from a friend this passionate should not go unnoticed!

And please, tell your friends and get them to tell their friends! Maybe talk to a few strangers even! Any support is much appreciated!

His Social Media information is down below:

Tumblr -



Greetings Newgrounds!


I've got a question for anybody who draws. Since my time in College, I've been doing a lot more coloring with my Traditional Hand Drawings. Before then I just used to Sketch Pencil everything out. Whenever I scan hand drawn art I can see how vastly different it is from most other artists' work on here--and I'm not saying that just because of the style. I've been introduced to Ink Pens, Graphite, and Markers, I guess(?)


That being said, I'm just wondering what the differences are between drawing on paper and drawing on a digital tablet--Preferably a Cintiq one? Any Pros and Cons worth mentioning? Also do you prefer Traditional Art over Digital or, Vice Versa? Why?


Personally, I'm so used to doing Traditional, so I worry about switching over some times, but it's always great to learn both!

A Menial Update & New Art Coming!

2015-02-14 20:50:22 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

Geez, I got to stop making promises I can't keep. I was supposed to update my page a while ago.


Haven't posted here in a good few months, school and the College process have been kicking my ass. I've also been doing a lot of thinkiing in my spare time. Anyway, I'm happy to share that I haven't been completely slacking in the time that I've lost Flash. I've been working on my own handing drawing skills and I can say that I've gotten (at least) a little bit better. I've always wanted to get scouted on Newgrounds, maybe now I have a better shot at that. No matter how long I've been gone, fear not that I will always return! Newgrounds is a site that's very near and dear to me, even if I don't socialize on here as much, or some of my favorite creators have left. It's the fact that we were always allowed to express ourselves through very imaginative ways is why I keep coming back! Someday I'll have all of the skills I need to do just that. I'm a very patient person, I'll take as long as it needs.



Life & Myself

2014-08-14 20:34:06 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

Life. It comes with so much more trouble than it should. Why? I wish I had a way with words, because typing my opinion on something always feels so incomplete. It's like there's always more to be said, and unless I find those right combination of words to phrase exactly what I'm thinking, I'm never going to feel satisfied. And that's what this whole statement will be about: Me being happy. The truth is I'm not, and I've been thinking this in my head for the past few weeks. For a long time I thought I was, but now I just find myself putting on temporary smiles and silly greetings to make others feel more comfortable around me. But before I list the reasons as to why I'm not satisfied, I'd like to share a little more on the recent events that helped me realize how I truly feel. 

This summer started as just a regular summer, I really wanted to relax before Senior year and not have to worry about much paperwork, but like the other breaks of course I was given tasks at expected due dates. Now, I have been told that whatever things I may work on now will eventually benefit me in the future, and to be honest, I can't necessarily argue with that. However, I do have a problem with what I am doing, which is no way satisfying to me. I never really wanted to make some of the things I've made, or say some of the things I was thinking, but for some reason people expect these things of me. When will I be able to do the things that I want to do? This completely goes against me being my own boss and I feel like I've been stuck between my beliefs versus someone else's expectations for quite a while now. Blindly. And it is not a very rewarding feeling, it's more obligation than anything else, which can go either in a good, or bad way. But there is also more that bothers me, like a proper audience, as well as guide. I am a very laid-back person at first sight, I am honest, I am benevolent, I listen to others who need my help, I will work hard for something, and I will enjoy learning and applying for that something as long as it is relevant or pertains to my specific interests. But on the inside, I'm hurting, and I don't know who to talk to about it. Even though I've said so in the past, I've never found someone who's even close to being like me. Someone I can tell my stories too, and not just get a less thought out reply back. Someone who can try to walk me through my problems without a casual "You'll be fine,"  and remembers me for my character, rather than what I currently do, which I should remind you, doesn't even make me happy. Talents come afterward.

I realize a lot of things now, the first is that no matter how someone else phrases this, or disagrees with how I phrase it, I'm aware that "You're going to have to deal with a lot of other peoples shit before you can even think about working on your own." And that's a very sad thing to have to do, but by societal standards, it really separates the weak from the strong-willed. By my standards, you'll be very very unhappy for a long time, if not, forever doing both anyway. The next thing I realize is you will be placed somewhere outside of your comfort zone on several occasions, and at times, it will feel against your will. Whether it's literally going somewhere new for whatever reason, or sharing a hardship that you believe no one needs to know about, these things will at times be expected of you. Now, I don't have a problem with things like these per se, but I do see some very controversial things with this. First off, why should someone share something that they know would cause people to judge them? Regardless of whether or not the judgement if good or bad, the fact of the matter was they didn't want to share it. And Secondly, why would you tell someone that you can already sense either does not have any way of benefitting you, or genuinely does not care enough to even attempt to fix your situation? No, we're supposed to share these things because of expectations for the higher-ups, if you ask me, that makes our lives a real Alice-In-Wonderland. But maybe I'm getting too moody and personal.

I really dislike talking about myself, as I feel narcissistic doing so, but I have to clear my mind and find the right person to share this with. Being vulnerable is not something I am comfortable doing, especially while learning how conceited most people really are in this world. Even though I wish they weren't. I don't know who that is, but I hope I find them long before anything significantly bad happens. Believe me, I still want to be the best person I can be, and I don't want any pity from whomever is willing to give me any, that's one reason I tried my best not to list any specific situations that made me type this much. The second reason is that it's just embarrassing. But if I don't find the right help, from the right people, before the wrong time comes, I really feel like I'm going to snap one day. I need guidance, and to be free and secure. Without those things, I can't see myself even working towards living my dream and being truly happy. With that being said, I was never good at keeping promises, but from now on I will try my best not to lie to myself anymore about when I am uncomfortable with something, and if possible, speak up to things that I genuinely disagree with. I promise.

For those of you that care, below is a list of my Interests:

• Learning about Animation & Actually Animating
• Learning about VIdeo Games & Actually Gaming
• Learning about Drawing & Actually Drawing
• Learning about Personalities
(Socio-Sexual Hierarchy, Astrological Signs, etc.)
• Thinking
• Talking, Making Jokes & Asking Questions
• Watching Insightful Videos/TV Shows
• Writing 
• Cooking & Eating
• Collecting
• Sleeping

Note: The only reason I enjoy these things is because I know they are relevant to my life, and have specific tasks I wish to accomplish in my life.

I suppose this can be a sort of update, as I should also share that I will be trying to update some of my profile images, as I felt they were a bit too old to keep. I also deleted all of my Art, seeing as how it was very unlikely I'd be scouted with images like those. But I have to admit, at least I was happy when I made them.

Please feel free Private Message me, or Comment if you have anything you wish to ask me or just throw out in the open.

"When you do what you love, it ain't even work!"

So no more Flash...

2014-01-03 07:59:31 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

not for a while. Sitting here thinking about all the stuff I made before I lost my data, but now I'm kind of relieved. I mean it's bad this Mac just shut down on me, but at the same time maybe it was for the better. Anyway, I lost Adobe Flash CS2 and CS3, even though they were outdated, I still did a lot with them.


Next to actually trying to animate well, the hardest part is staying focused on one thing. Trust me, it's fun knowing you can make pretty much whatever you want, but having that 'power' does have a down side. However, I am not fully disappointed/saddened, I just look forward to getting Adobe Master Suite sometime in the 2014 Summer. That's Guaranteed. I really enjoy animating and want to spread my opinions and ideas to people! Also, just to show some one 'big' thing I've really wanted to do, here is a .swf of something I was (key word) working on and off, on...? But I guess that'll have to wait until I get Adobe Flash again, huh?


Note: I'm also cancelling the PSASBR comic series since I lost faith in that game and their Publisher.

Finally an update!

2013-06-22 01:00:12 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

Haven't said anything in a while here. But I will start by saying, my whole Dane and Crash thing is cancelled for now. I feel kinda bad about it, not sounding at committed to my work, but maybe I should start with simpler stuff first. That being said, I have been posting Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Web Comic Strips for the past, I don't know, time now. The first season of them is coming to a close with the next comic I upload (later today or tomorrow.) Full animating just seems like a pain in the ass right now, I don't know how to do it!

Also thank you to my fans, I'm kinda surprised people like me. You all make me feel good, like some warm tingly feeling. I know I'm not as well known as many of the forum people, but I'm still trying to be friends with everyone on here. I don't like conflict.

Edit: Rest assured, if you like my All-Stars stuff (I'm a major fan of the game,) the Second season of comics will begin over the summer. It's not like I got much to do anyway, haha!

Edit 2: Season Two of my comic strips are a "Go!" Adding new characters and jokes in the series.

Finally an update!

I'm getting better!

2011-09-19 22:05:46 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

Check out these things I've made in Actionscript for one of my ideas. I've still got a lot to do, and I'm trying to keep everything organized along the way!

I'm getting better!

Thanks SpazKid!

2011-07-09 04:15:51 by The-Psycho-Ragdoller

Watching your sunday tutorial right now and I was able to make this!

Sunday Flash Tutorial 1!
Sunday Flash Tutorial 2!

Thanks SpazKid!